Rhyz Analytical Labs Launches Analytical Testing Services for Beauty and Wellness Companies

Team of leading analytical scientists use cutting-edge technology and global experience for timely, accurate and trusted results

PROVO, Utah – Oct. 13, 2021 – Rhyz Analytical Labs today announced the availability of its testing services for beauty and wellness companies to assess product safety and effectiveness through trusted, timely and accurate results. Rhyz Analytical Labs combines the knowledge of a team of experienced scientists across multiple disciplines with the latest technology and equipment to quickly and thoroughly address any testing requirements for foods, dietary supplements and cosmetic products.

Rhyz Analytical Labs partners with companies in problem solving and method development to meet the full spectrum of testing needs. Their resources and experience across global markets help customers navigate the complexities of product testing with the services of a world-class lab and the responsiveness of a small-lab environment.

“We believe in the power of timely and accurate information,” said Doug Stevenson, director and lead scientist at Rhyz Analytical Labs. “Our company was born from a mission to help beauty and wellness product creators assess the safety and effectiveness of their products by delivering timely and accurate test results they can trust. We believe that providing full transparency into our processes is the best way to ensure that our partners are successful.”

Rhyz Analytical Labs is ISO 17025:2017 accredited and was built from the in-house laboratories of several companies that are researching, developing and manufacturing beauty, health and wellness products for global distribution. This in-house experience has provided the company’s scientists with a thorough understanding of the needs, challenges and pressures customers face so they can better support them from product ideation to end-market distribution.

Testing Services

Rhyz Analytical Labs supports the entire supply chain with analytical testing of raw materials to finished products. Additional services include shelf-life testing, preservative efficacy, microbiological and contaminant identification, as well as method validation and development. The company has invested in advanced instrumentation to meet practically any testing need.

About Rhyz Analytical Labs

Rhyz Analytical Labs is an analytical testing lab for foods, dietary supplements and cosmetic products. The company combines the expertise of leading scientists with cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service to provide timely, accurate and trusted results. Rhyz Analytical Labs is part of Rhyz, Inc., the strategic investment arm of Nu Skin Enterprises (NYSE: NUS). For more information, please visit www.rhyzlabs.com.



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