Grōv Technologies Featured in Fast Company for World’s Most Advanced Vertical Farming System

Grōv Technologies recently announced its Olympus Tower Farm, the company’s newest innovation in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Olympus is the world’s largest, most advanced indoor vertical farming system for year-round fresh animal feed. This new method of farming aims to help dairy and beef producers become more sustainable and economically viable. Although it takes up only 857 square feet of space, a single Olympus Tower can produce from 5,000 to 6,000 pounds of sprouted wheat/barley grass per day using less than 5 percent of the water used by traditional farming. Each system also replaces between 35 to 50 acres of land use.

As part of a pilot program, Grōv partnered with Bateman Mosida Farms, Utah’s largest dairy operation. Controlled studies of more than 600 animals on the Bateman dairy found that cows fed a ration of Grōv’s high density nutrient sprouted wheatgrass produced milk more efficiently with less feed, improving the farm’s bottom line. Fast Company and KSL featured the growing system in recent articles, describing how Olympus aims to reduce the environmental footprint involved in growing feed for livestock.

About Grōv Technologies
Grōv Technologies is pioneering the next generation of agricultural technology and proprietary science to help meet the demands of global food security. The company is developing enterprise-scale, automated controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems to grow high-density nutrient animal feed, fresh produce and other crops using significantly less water and resources than traditional farming. These systems utilize patented low-heat LED technology, robotic seed-to-harvest systems and scientifically proven indoor growing protocols. Grōv is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rhyz, a dynamic family of companies bound by a collective desire to explore and share new areas of growth and opportunity.