Grōv Technologies attends CES in Las Vegas

Last week, Grōv Technologies unveiled a commercial-scale, indoor growing system for animal feed at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  

Grōv Technologies has a fully-automated animal feed production system capable of revolutionizing the $350 billion global animal feed marketplace. The system, called the Grōv Pod, integrates sustainable technologies and science-based growing protocols into a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) system. This pod uses less than 2 percent of the water and a fraction of the land needed for traditional farming. 

“Farmers around the world are concerned about feed security and are telling us they want dependable, sustainably produced feed for their animals. We believe our turn-key growing platform will allow for predictable and highly nutritious feed year-round, despite the effects of rapidly changing climates on traditional growing cycles,” said Steve Lindsley, president of Grōv Technologies.