Ritch Wood Featured in CEO Magazine

There are many components that a business needs to find success and bring in results. From sales acquisition to organizational strategy, to digital media and customer service, there are elements to every good business that are attributed as being “keys to success.” The same is true for Nu Skin. Ritch Wood, the CEO, believes that what sets Nu Skin apart from others is its use of technology and focus on sustainability. Not only do these factors help to drive business and support the company, but, according to Wood, these elements are keys to the company’s ongoing success. 

Success Drivers Ritch Wood was recently featured in CEO Magazine about what critical elements drive Nu Skin’s success and what trends are benefiting Nu Skin. 

“The existing landscape I saw was a world that looks for opportunity: opportunity to earn additional income, opportunity to share products that they love, and opportunity to look and feel better about themselves,” says Ritch. “Millennials are really excited about sharing everything they see and feel, and I saw it as the perfect way to offer them a terrific opportunity and grow our business at the same time.” 

Innovation at the Heart of Success 

Ritch also highlighted the role that innovation plays in the company. “We continue to believe that innovation is at the heart of our success, so product innovation is really critical. We‘ve become very successful in selling beauty devices, so we think we can continue to innovate on that front, with additions to the devices we are currently selling, as well as new devices in the future.” 

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