Nu Skin LIVE Recap: New Products, Initiatives and Milestones

This week, one of our health companies, Nu Skin International, held its biennial event, Nu Skin LIVE! With more than 12,500 people in attendance, Nu Skin leaders and executives announced innovative product developments and exciting new initiatives to sales leaders from over 50 countries from across the world.  

New Products

Announcements surrounding Nu Skin’s new product developments included:  

  • Epoch® Yin and Yang Mask, a detoxifying and nourishing facial mask that is made with responsibly sourced ingredients through the company’s Groviv® CEA initiative.  
  • ageLOC® TR90® GreenShake, a plant-based vegetarian-friendly shake mix that supports lean muscle maintenance. This shake is also made with ingredients through the Groviv® CEA initiative.  
  • TRGO™ PreWorkout+ and TRGO™ Protein Recovery+, a pre-workout that contains ingredients that help to increase athleticism and build muscle, as well as reduce fatigue and support mental focus.  
  • Pharmanex® Kids Mighty Minds, a children’s supplements designed to be safe and effective, provides support for brain, learning and memory development.  
  • Powerhouse serum ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra, is now made with Tru Face FirmPlex technology to provide visibly firmer, more contoured, lifted and defined skin.  

New Initiatives

Additionally, Nu Skin CEO Ritch Wood announced five specific pledges the company is making towards its sustainability efforts:  

  • Nu Skin will create an environmental impact scoring system, and the company’s top 20 products will have an improved environmental impact score by the end of 2020. 
  • Nu Skin will assess and score 100 percent of its products beginning to end, mindfully making changes to benefit the planet by 2023. 
  • Nu Skin will change all its packaging to be reusable, recyclable, recycled, refillable or recoverable before 2030. 
  • Nu Skin is aspiring to build a global network of zero-waste facilities to reduce its carbon footprint. 
  • Nu Skin will invest at least 50 percent of its Foundation giving in communities and people that are providing essential resources to our planet and its inhabitants.

Nu Skin LIVE! was also the first Salt Palace Convention Center event to go 100% energy-neutral across multiple venues. The company also diverted 75 percent of the event’s waste from the landfill by reusing, recovering, recycling and donating materials that would normally be thrown away.

New Milestones

The company also raised more than $1.5 million in donations for the company’s global force for good projects through raised funds from the Force for Good party and auction, as well as other fundraising initiatives. All the proceeds will go directly to children in need. Nu Skin leaders also recognized the achievement of serving 650 million meals to malnourished children through its Nourish the Children initiative.  

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