Nu Skin’s Ryan Napierski featured in leading tech blog

In today’s digital age, it’s no secret that technology has transformed industries. From Uber to Google to Amazon, there are countless successful companies that thrive off of the development and utilization of technology in the gig space. Even industries that are seen as less traditionally connected with tech innovation, like the beauty and wellness industry, have been applying technology to business practices and strategy development now more than ever.

Nu Skin’s Ryan Napierski was recently featured in ReadWrite, a leading tech blog, about how the beauty and wellness industry has been transformed through technology. Ryan describes why Nu Skin considers itself a tech company because of how technology is utilized in its customer journey.

“At every touchpoint of our customer experience, we use technology. How we acquire new customers, how we transact with them, how we communicate with them — it’s all driven by technology,” says Ryan.

Ryan also talks specifically about how Nu Skin is using technology to spread opportunity. “If you look at the majority of companies in the opportunity economy, you’ll see that they are using people to improve their technology, rather than the other way around,” says Ryan. “We look at the challenges our micro entrepreneurs face and ask, ‘How can we use technology to help them be more effective?’ instead of looking at how technology can replace them.’”

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