Nu Skin’s CEO, Ritch Wood, spoke with Tyler Suiters from the Consumer Technology Association, on the CES Tech Talk podcast about CES Asia and the need for tech in every industry.

About CES Asia

CES Asia is distinctly different in terms of the way the show is curated, the way these products and stories are presented, and the way these exhibitors and tech companies address the Asian customer base. The show started in 2015 and attendance is expected to grow nearly 75% since 2015 and is expecting more than 50,000 attendees at the show this year.

A fun fact about CES Asia, nearly 80 percent of the exhibitors that showcase at CES Asia do not exhibit at CES in Las Vegas, so people see new companies here first. CES Asia is a curated show, meaning all applications go through a reviewal process for booth space, and every year hundreds of companies are rejected because there’s not enough space.

Why is Nu Skin Enterprises at CES Asia?

You may wonder what is Nu Skin Enterprises doing at CES Asia, a tech conference? You may not think it’s a tech company precisely, but Ritch Wood, CEO of Nu Skin, explains why they are.

“Every company today is, or needs to be, a technology company. The companies who are really going to win and be successful going forward are those who are going to implement technology top to bottom in their companies. Nu Skin has developed a strategy to drive business forward through customer growth and has technology weaved through every point. It’s in three simple ways: our platform, our products, and our programs touch customers and bringing more customers to enjoy our product.”

  1. Nu Skin’s platform utilizes social selling and technology to make better customer experience and expand the reach of its sales leaders to be able to connect with more customers.
  2. From a skincare product side, Nu Skin has beauty devices, which utilizes technology to deliver ingredients in a way that improved the experience and the efficacy of its products. Sister company, Groviv, a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) company, is demonstrating its automated CEA systems that use a fraction of the water and land required in traditional farming. Producing higher efficiency ingredients that are clean, pure and free of herbicides and pesticides.
  3. Lastly, Nu Skin uses a program to reward and recognize its sales leaders for their success. Utilizing technology in that aspect as core to its ability to be successful.

Every company needs to be a tech company. It needs to flow through each aspect of the business. As you look at what companies are succeeding today, it’s the ones that embrace and utilize technology.