Nu Skin Unveils Strategy To Sustainably Source Its Own Pure, Traceable Ingredients

Investments in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) provide consistent sourcing of safe, effective ingredients using a fraction of the land and water resources

PROVO, Utah – Feb. 28, 2019 – As part of its annual investor day, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. today shared its long-term strategy for consistently sourcing pure, safe and effective ingredients for use in its products. To accomplish this, Nu Skin plans to build on its investment in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies to develop sustainable ingredients that are traceable from seed to solution.

Nu Skin’s CEA strategy grows out of a desire to provide consumers safe, effective and traceable product ingredients while drastically reducing the land and water resources required. Nu Skin believes it will be able to uniquely position itself in CEA by combining its world-class scientific rigor with patented technology that controls and adjusts the growing environment. This ability to control factors such as water, light and temperature allows Nu Skin to optimize ingredients for its various products.

“At Nu Skin, we have always focused on using only the best, most effective ingredients in our products,” said Ritch Wood, CEO. “This is a natural evolution in our commitment to innovate where we intend to infuse the best of nature, the latest in science and the most advanced technology into pure, safe and sustainable products.”

Nu Skin’s initial CEA investment has been centered around the acquisition of Groviv and its subsequent technology development. Groviv develops automated, climate-smart agriculture systems that use a fraction of the water and land required in traditional farming without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Nu Skin plans to continue to develop its Groviv technology while also identifying additional technologies or companies that support its product development initiatives. As the technology is developed, Nu Skin plans to begin adding CEA-sourced ingredients to its products in place of traditionally grown ingredients.

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